"Been a fan of Batti & Co. for a while now. I have used the soaps, the melts, the candles and their latest- The awesome whipped soaps and scrubs. My absolute favourite. This is the kind of extra baggage I don't mind lugging around wherever I go (exactly what I did when I switched countries). With my kind of extreme dry skin, these work wonderfully well. Can't wait for you guys to start shipping internationally." 
                                 - Nandini Biswas (Kansas City, U.S.A.)

"Bathing has always been a key part of ‘me time’ in my life. That’s why it needs be more of a sensory experience rather than a just functional one. Batti & Co. provides that to the fullest! The artisanal, hand crafted bars are truly a treat to the senses. Can’t wait for some more ‘me time’!"

- Aanam C (Mumbai) 

"Batti is my favourite bathing companion for 2 reasons- the person making these is awesome & each batti is yummy on the skin. Its feels gentle on the skin, it smells natural and just makes the entire bathing experience magical ❤️"
- Swati Hans D'silva (Mumbai)
"I am always on a lookout for a good soap that is great for the skin, makes it soft, smells amazing and is refreshing. Batti Soaps score really high on these aspects and surprised me pleasantly. They make them with so much love, care and commitment. It is my trusted partner in the shower and I highly recommend it."
- Aarish Matcheswalla (Mumbai)
"Perfect battis to get you kick started everyday or relax your body after a hard day’s work. I love their Cold Brew Batti, really refreshing, fresh and the fragrance, outstanding. Definitely worth getting your hands on each of these battis."
- Omar Khan (Mumbai)